Like i said on another question i've asked,i'm an 11 year old girl and i have two older brothers that are always busy,my oldest brother is always studying and he is always busy,my other brother is always on his computer or playing video games,and there is an age gap between us that makes our interests totally different,i'm gonna be honest here i'm kinda mature for my age but yet i love childish stuff such as playing truth or dare,cops and robbers and even tag,that's normal though,and i also love playing sports,my mom doesn't like to be friends with our neighbours because we had problems with them before,i really seriously love swimming,going to the park,playing outdoors,playing tennis,or just basic outdoor games,i also love making new friends but non share the same interests,they are also so boring to be honest..they dont like the same stuff i do,they like to play on their ipads the whole time and always start problems with me,i make time for my hobbies such as drawing or making clay charms,i also like to excersise,but i cant just keep up with this everyday i wanna do something different,i've always wanted a sister,and when i was 5 years old i used to beg my parents to adopt a child to be my sister,but that's impossible,my mom tries to replace that feeling but it's just not the same...i do appreciate what i have and i love my family and all but all i need is someone close,all my siblings my age live in our home country,but we emigrated...they always post pictures and videos of them doing stuff together,the point here is that i feel so lonely,have nothing to do,and rarely get the chance to do things out doors,which are my favourite,i am not so good at socializing,i am so self concious also,Tips would help,sorry for the really long question i just prefere adding lots of details,Please answer if you could or help in anyway.