I went through his phone and seen he had been reading forums on sexuality and gay chat. I then confronted him about this and he said he was sorry he was just curious he dusnt know why. But he asured me he loved me and he's definetly not gay. A few days later I went on his email and found he had sent a naked picture of hinself to a guys email address. I then couldn't help myself but confront him straight away as I was shaking and confused. He said he was confused and was just seeing what it was like and then asured me he's not gay and that he dusnt know why he done it. He said he got the email address off of one of the forums. I've been with him over a year now and were madly in love well so I thought, but I have no idea what to do or what to think about this. Were back to nomal like it never even happend but its on my mind every second of every day! Please helpp?