i recently had a mole removed on my side just above my hip. The day of surgery the dr was telling me everything to look out for. i had stitches for 2 weeks. No problems. Just a black scab. they were removed 2 days ago. all he said to me was to use vasiline on it. Ever since i got home it started oozing (before using vasaline or anything at all) It leaked a greenish slime like substance along with blood all the way through 2 shirts and a hoodie. I havent had stitches before so dont know what to expect but it is pretty deep i think. and because of the location, i feel like everytime i sit, stand, bend, lean over, etc.. that its trying to open up some. and it hurts. It stings very bad now, more than it did day of suregery. The dermatologist who removed the mole, hasnt been in his office. My fiance keeps tellin me im overreacting so i dont wanna waste money going to er. But hes not a dr. so i dont know to bandage it or what for now. Its very hard to get a bandage to stick because its right below the crease where my stomach "roll" is.
Also, some stitches that were used are supposed to dissolve, while the other ones are the ones i had removed. He said something about how he was stitching it from the inside to reduce scaring.