I don't really know what is going on anymore and no way am I going to a psychologist.
Interestingly, I have actually found myself faking emotions just so my parents don't give me the "funny look." My Uncle lost his eye and I really didn't care. My reaction was just like "Okay." and I just continued with my day not caring. I never react to sad news like when my Grandpa died I was just once again in mind saying "Okay" and not caring. Of course, I still act sad just so my parents don't give me the "funny look." I react to exciting news in my head, like thinking "Yay!" or "Yes! Finally!", but I never express it. If I could, I would just not react. But I force myself to fake an emotion just so I can get by. Do I have a psychological problem? If so, what kind? I am often bored, probably everyday, and if I killed someone, I probably wouldn't even care at all.