I have tiny lumps on both testicals, had naltrasound came back fine. But now have more lumps! Help?

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This is a question for a doctor. I don't think anyone here can give you a serious answer.

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Every hair follicle has a gland that secretes sebum to lubricate the hair. If the hair falls out the gland keeps going. When sebum hits air it turns black. That is why you have black spots all over your nose and cheeks. If the pore is closed by skin then the sebum remains white and you have a whitehead. Areas covered by fabric all the time tend to grow skin over the pores. That is why you occasionally see ingrown hairs on the neck and pubic region, and pustules on the penis and scrotum. It's all normal, and most of the time you won't notice at all.

That may have no bearing on your situation, but we can't see you so we can only guess.

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