Hi. I've been playing soccer since I was a little kid. I love being in the game. I usually don't look forward to practice, but when I get there I have fun. My whole family plays or played soccer.
Then came my obsession for theater and acting. I take an improv class, and it's one of the few things I look forward to each week. It is fantastic! The school also has plays and such. I looked at their website, and to try out for one of their many plays, I have to be in a dance class, my improv class, AND an acting class.
This would greatly cut into my soccer games and practices. I could do both, but it's more money, and I would put acting first, so I would not make it to a lot of soccer activities.
I feel like I like theater more, but soccer is keeping me fit. I have a fear I will end up obese because of my bad eating habits, and all that running sure helps!
So, could someone PLEASE help me out? I need to make a decision soon! I'm honestly hoping for some kind of magic answer, but...