When I first started my job almost a year ago, this married girl gave me all the signs. She would stare at me in meetings and flip her hair around until I looked at her. She was so popping up in random places and I was bumping into her all the time. So one day I stopped her in the hall and she turns beet red and could barely talk she was stuttering so bad. Shortly after this we're walking and talking together almost every mornining. She'd meet me 3-4 times a week then she'd disappear on me for a few days then start over again. I would get annoyed by this and ignore her, this would up set her and she's usually come running back to me. I also would talk about other girls around her whvh I don't think she liked. I always kind of felt like she liked my buddy too or thought he was cute because if see her flip her hair and smile at him. She also did this in front if me and would watch how I react. So her and I were friends and I got tired of the back and forth and I got tired if feeling jealous and watching how she acted around him so I ignored her for almost two months steady. I felt like she had been leaving around the same time as my buddy everyday like trying to bump into him like she did me but it took like 5 months. I could tell she was upset with me and knew something would happen and I would pay. So one day my buddy says "man it's really weird every time I go out in the parking lot she's there and it's actually creeping me out" this made me super jealous. The next morning I watch and see her arrive same time as him and walking in talking. So I decide to start talking to her again paying attention and it goes away. A month later he says how it was so weird she just stopped and changed up her schedule on him. I know she's married and I'm no longer there, but why did she do all of tbis?