okay so im in 5th grade and a while ago, i found out that my crush liked another girl when he said that he liked me and he knew i liked him too. note that he has never been the romantic kind and is actually quite shy. (we are to young to date so none of that crap plz) i gave him another chance when he said sorry and that he still liked me, but the next day, it kept happening!!!!!! so i told him that i would tolerate that no more. and it was time to say goodbye. so he continued to like that girl and i started to like someone else. then a little after that he txted me saying that he was soooooo sorry and he shouldve never traded me for that other girl. he also included that he was beeing stupid by ignoring me and that he wishes he could go back to the days when we liked eachother. that really made me less mad cause he has never been that sympethetic. he said that we were absolutely perfect together. i said no and that he shoulve never did what he did. then i told him i liked someone else, then, he said, "well, i just want the best for you." whitch really surprised me. i could tell he was REALLY jealous judging on other texts. im starting to not like the guy i did and like him. whenever i look at him i always get butterflies in my stomach. i want to forgive him and like him again. i luv him. what to do!??!