I like this girl by the way I'm 12 so I knew this girl for 4 years and we've went out (well she told everyone we did) and she's beautiful she's about 4ft9in. Tan freckles across her nose beautiful dark brown eyes smart and is a cheerleader I started having feeling for her last year and she walked past me bumped my shoulder looked back at me and smiled at me and then it hit me smiled back and I walked up to her and her friends walked away and we started talking and then we were walking in a huge group and my friend told a joke I laughed and she fell she got up laughed and I quit laughing when she fell and some ppl laughed at her and out of all the people laughing she punched me laughed and walked away then I went bowling with her and I admit I I did flirt with her but not a ton and every time I told a joke corny or not she laughed and I looked at her and she blushed and one time I had a camping trip (don't worry we made sure boys and girls were seperated) and she hung out with methe first day but iI hung with my friend Chris and she just go mad at me and then the last day of school she hugged me tight and let go and started crying I want to go out with her because I just love her beauty (I don't care about short shorts like most guys in my grade but she wears jeans and a cool Nike/addidas shirts and I just love the fact how beautiful she is that's why I want to go out with her