I have a piece I asked to choreograph for my dance company. I am 16 years old and just joined the company last year. I was trained in ballet for ten years and just moved to this studio, which is a mix of modern and contemporary. My vision was a theme of nature and growth, but recently I've been playing with the idea of people supporting each other and thought I could mash the two together. I had a song (Berlin by the Piano Guys) and I loved it because of the slow and isolated beginning that led to a powerful crescendo and went back to the same isolated ending...it was very beautiful and I was so excited to use it. However, my teacher didn't seem to like that song, and said an adult choreographer used it in their company about three years ago and said it was good for me to have "backups". Yeah, I figured out he didn't really want me to use it.

I've been searching youtube for hours but cannot find any songs that left a lasting imprint on me AND complements movement. I would like an instrumental piece that has a slow quiet and isolated beginning, perhaps some crescendo, and possibly a repeat of the isolated beginning? If you don't have that, ANY beautiful, powerful, delicate piece that you personally love or think would be a good idea. Literally put anything down. Any suggestions for movements of group structures/patterns would be great also. I can give you a part of my choreography plan if that would help!
Thank you so much for helping me!!