An automated assembly line equipped with state of the art Rockwell
Automation controllers, has an interesting inaugural process for starting
up each of their lines. With the initiation of each line for the first time,
the plant manager has his employees do the following:
For the one thousand one hundred PLCs on each line and one thousand one hundred
employees at the plant that participate in this the startup. The plant manager asks
the first employee to go to every PLC and place it in RUN mode. Then he has the
second employee go to every second PLC and place it in Program mode. The third
goes to every third PLC and, if it is in PROGRAM mode, they place it in RUN mode,
and if it is in RUN mode, they place it in PROGRAM mode. The fourth employee does
this to every fourth PLC, and so on.
After the process is completed with the one
thousand one hundredth employee, how many PLCs are in RUN mode?