I proctor entrance exams for a tech school and they want me to tutor candidates. Ethical?

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So what's the problem?

When I was a teacher for the military they told me that a class properly consisted of a syllabus, which defined what the student was to learn, a lesson plan, which defined what the teacher was to teach, and a final exam, which tested both the teacher's and the student's adequacy in the subject.

These three documents were pretty much the same thing. The syllabus said something like "Given any two values of acceleration, time, and speed, the student will calculate the third value." The lesson plan would say the same thing but using examples, and the test would say the same thing but using specific values.

Academic approaches to learning seem to take a very different approach. The syllabus is uisually meaningless, the lesson plan is nonexistent, and the final exam is unpredictable. To top it off, teachers are not hired because they are good teachers, and often don't even know what they are supposed to teach. In any other business that would be called malpractice.

So "ethical" is not a consideration. The only consideration nowadays is "Thou shalt not embarrass the dean."

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