I've been thinking about it for a while and I would really like to study in South Korea. I'm British, and I've read that its highly competitive to get into these Uni's. My GCSE grades are not the best... I mainly got C's (5) and the rest D or less... due to not trying back then like an idiot. I honestly regret it so much now, but I had personal reasons that added to not being able to try for them.
I'm 18... incase anyone does not understand, in the UK you go to 'college' from 16 to 18 which is compulsory then you move onto Uni. Or if you happen to fail the first year of college you do a resit and start the year again hence you finish college at 19. You can chose from doing A-levels or Btec. I currently do a Btec called Animal Management, and I would like to get into either Vet Med or Vet nursing, preferably Vet Med. Oh, I failed last year of college due to messing around with some friends, biggest mistake - luckily I found out about this course and I enrolled into it.
I'm unsure if Btecs are even considered or accepted in South Korea, and I would also like to know if they look at your GCSE results - which I'm guessing they do since universities here do.
I know I could do my own research, and I am... but I would also like some help from people that have already experienced living there as a exchange student, or just generally know some information.
In addition to this, I'm worried about being judged or looked at in South Korea due to my appearance, I am Indian. (I'm really shy and hate having people stare at me for whatever reason lol, I prefer not to be noticed)
Aside from that, I also heard that you have to be pretty fluent in Korean to do any other jobs apart from being an English Teacher.... I mean, I wouldn't mind being an English teacher.... but my dream job is to be a Vet!
I really don't want to stay in the UK either and the only place that interests me is Korea... Any Advice?