So I am a 18 year old female, and I have been getting help for my mental health. I have been really anxious my whole life. I decided to get help since I had a weird sense of what is right or wrong and I hated it. My ideas aren’t “normal,” like how I should care about someone dog dying. I literally laughed in the person’s face. I guess that was weird... I should mention that was after meds, but I always didn’t care about animals. Now after I been medicated, I don’t have any anxiety, and I have realized that I was stupid for worrying about this stuff since whatever is right or wrong is all socially constructed. Therefore, I believe that there is nothing wrong I can do. I believe most of these ideas are stupid so I am going against these rules in society. The problem is for my whole life I was so concerned about the rules to the point where I would have panic attacks if someone broke the rules. Now I’m breaking them. It might be the meds, but it’s just really weird. If you have any insight, please answer this.