well, i got a call from one of my old old friends and she said thast she wasnt trying to start any drama but he was talking to her bestfriend. and i played it kewl for two days and then i got on facebook and i got a message from the girl and she told me that it wasnt anything it was just a convo.. like i didnt even message her or anything. then i call hym and hes all like baby why are you acting like you dont want me anymore. and i said. i just wanna know the truth and he played it like he didnt know who i was talking bout. OH IT GETS BETTER!!! then he pulled the whole are you saying you dont trust me. i replied well i am really insecure and she is really pretty. he sayd who are you talking about. like how am i sappose to take that like r u really talking to more than one person wow... then i was like sarah and hes like oh OH her i would never touch her with a 30 ft pole. baby i love you and only you. i just wanna be with you and shit like that. then hes all defensive and wants me to beat up the girl that told me... like why.. it happened its done. and hes like shes makin up lies and stuff to break us up baby. i love you. BLEH BLEH BLEH. i really do love him but do you think he is cheating? if he didnt wanna touch her with a 30 ft pole then why is he talking to her i dont know what to do???? HELP MEH PLEASE!!!!