Im 13 years old and my boyfriend is 11 years old , if we have a sex , can I get pregnant ?

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Yes you can, a word to the wise, you are way too young to be thinking about this.

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..Oh . ! ,, Thank You Very Much .! :)

.. I'm Asking This It's Because I Think My BOyfrIend Want To Have A sex With Me ,, SO I Have to asked somebody if i can get pregnant if we and my boyfriend Have SEX . !

..ahhhmmm .. ! What if .. He Use CondOm ,, Can I Get PregNant ?? .. ( AsKing .. ! Don't Make Me Bad pLease ! ) =)

your retarded

Even if you use a condom there is still a slight chance you can get pregant!! Just use one if you decide to do that!!

By cant cuz he does not a semi 13-up can

It doesn't even necessarily mean u won't if ur period hasnt come yet. Also you won't get free medical birth control as you're not 16 yet. I would wait for a few years. Since your so young I don't think any guy is going to expect sex from you for a good few years anyway and doing it so young could balls up the relationship u already have :P

Awe,sweetie,you should not get sex with are way too young. :) and if he really likes you,he can wait until the right time comes. well,I have already felt the same way too. last 2010, my boyfriend asking me to get sex with him,but I said I don't want. even if having sex is great,you should think first all of the consequences. so bec. he loves me,up until now,we are still on and going stronger. and at 18 or 20,I said that maybe we can have sex that time. :) so don't have sex right now okay? :)

no she ant

i am 10 yeres old and i have sex some how i do not get her prengnet

If you have started your period then....YES

Yeah having sex at that age..... Isn't probably the best idea i think your too young

Well I'm 11 I have my period and I had sex I'm not pregnant.

I m 14 yrs old n my girl friend is also 14. . Can hav sex with condom. .for few min??

I m 14 yrs old n my girl friend is also 14. . Can we hav sex with out condom. .for few mins??

i dont care really i am 11 and have had great just wait until you cum.

im a 11 year old boy first of all he probaly didnt go through pubirty let so he dosent have sperm and if he didnt go through pubirty his penis isnt really big enough for sex if you know what i mean...

Whell, first i dont think u can get pregnant cuz if he's 11 he isnt even developing sperm yet..... But his penis is small i guess >;c so By my thinking u cant but it's all on you ;)

I am a 11year old looking for a boyfriend

im 11 looking for a girlfriend. I'm a (boy)

Im eleven and my bf hamped me the first day we were datin then the next day he in vited me over and we had sex it feels soooooo good but make sure u dont wear a condom it will make ur vagina bleed

Humped not hamped srry LOL

yes, but im sure itl be worth it, all 38 awkward seconds of it

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i advice u , that do not think about this sex, you are to young..

.. Thank YOu ! =)

i Know . ! Thats Why I'm Asking It .. It's Because I have A COusin ,, She Is Only 16 When She Pregnant .. And The Father Of Her Baby Is Her Uncle . ! And I'm Scared If that will happened TO me . Because I THink My BOyfriend Want TO Get Sex WIth me . !

yea just dont have sex yet and about the pregnant thing if hes went through puberty yes you can get pregnant

All guys give off that impression but I highly doubt he is expecting sex. Probably just testing the water. They're all wee hornballs lol get used to it! xD

i think sex is a good expirience but not at your age
so d'ont look into it dont look at sex videos ether its a bad influence.

depands, do you have your monthly periods?

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.. Yes . !

Hmpf . ! What Would Be The Possible Sign If U Are Pregnant . ! ( Just Asking .! Don't Make Me I'm A Bad Girl . pLease.. ! ) :)

even if you dont have your periodes their is still a slight chance to get pregnant so go get the conterseption pill and use a condom if you realy want to but their is still a small chance so its your dicision

@ butterflies
you should learn how to spell first along with everyone in here before giving advice on such a delicate subject!!

never mind do what you want be a kid and have sex
and to have sex
talk to your boyfriend about having sex then make your move

listen im a 13 year old boy and your to yong to have sex think about it what if you do get pregnant 1st of all it hurts like hell when the baby come's out and how are you going to take care of the baby and i dont think your mom and dad would be happy so take my advise and dont have sex

I think you should because you will lov it it feel good. U will not get pregnat

To the person called Pornstar, listen here! It may feel good, but no thirteen year old girl needs to feel that yet!!!! It would more than likely hurt her, and having sex too young can cause problems for her when she gets older!!! My sister had to deal with problems from having sex too early, and their are things that condoms and contraception can't protect from that no thirteen year old girl should have to feel!! And who wants to have a kid at thirteen, if the condom and the contraception fail? Ever think about that!! Somethings you should think about, before you tell a thirteen year old girl she should have sex because it feels good!!!!

way to go

with out any doubt

Why are you dating an 11 year old in the first place? I suggest waiting till you and him are older. JUST SAYING!!

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yeah . i agree wiz u . he is weigh too young 4 u.

age doesn't matter when you're dating. OKay so its wrong if a 30 year old is dating a highschooler but thats different. they are only 2 years apart guys....seriously

When you have sex does, don't do it.

They are kids...not adults

agreeded you're to young 18+

i believe dont do it until u have ur CAREER! settled for a while

age doesnt matter, my grandma and grampa are 32 years apart.

are your grandma or grandpa rich then i have something to tell you

girl! why don't u just use condome if u feel like u should really do it. but i don't really support z ur idea . im 14 n im am virgin.

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So am i r u single?;) And r u a boy?

I'm a19yr old boy and still a virgin and proud of it also. Also something to think about, no job=no $ no $=no way to support a child or a family. Just wait I am and REMEMBER VIRGIN IS NOT A DIRTY WORD. God Bless and please make the right

Plz hu can ansa me u quys masturbate wen u feel like havin sex?

I'm 10 and am really horny all the time can someone help. Also I'm a girl.

I will do you if you want to.Im a much olderman who would love to have sex with you anytime anywhere ,IF your interested get back to me and we can talk about things ok Love NaughtyMck

I will do you if you want to.Im a much olderman who would love to have sex with you anytime anywhere ,IF your interested get back to me and we can talk about things ok Love NaughtyMck

Wana lose your virginity im a olderman im willing to take your virginity for you

virgin girl what up

I'm 15 im a virgin

It could break

Umm you old guys saying that is pretty f*** up shes ten not 500 if she wants a guy im ten and im a boy

Im 10 and im a virgin abd i think that might change really soon


Only if he's producing sperm

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we don't WANT them to have sex idiot

What world do we live in? On the one hand we have people shocked that children think about sex. And no one is even curious as to why this child can't talk candidly with her parents about it. And on the other hand we have a child so confused about life that she sees nothing wrong with turning to strangers for advice that will ultimately lead her to a life altering decision.

all males produce sperm, boy or man. Just like all females have eggs in their ovaries.

This nation is so great to believe everyone should be free!!!!! lets just allow every fucking! idiot girl out there spread her legs because she is feeling fucking! horny and every guy sling his seed in between so we can have all these retards with no restrains drop out of school and live on stupid asss welfare and eventually sink this fucking! ship we call the USA home of the free land of the brave full of the retards!

ok this answer was a really dicky answer and that was really idiotic..i dont wann a go further....

@ Master the reason we don't talk about it with our parents is because it's weird, the would interrogate us on the subject, and some parents have big mouths who tell other parents and those parents give us kids dirty looks and tell their kids who go around and tell everyone, and you know what happens next we get labels like skank ho byotch slut

its the land of the free and the home of the brave , not home of the free and land of the brave.

You are way to young to have sex and yes you can get pregnate and if you do plan to have sex use protection and get on Birth control. If you get pregnate it will ruin your future and family in a way

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omg ur 2 young trust me
and yes you can get pregnant!!!

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yes you can absolutely get pregnant. BE CAREFUL

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YES! 100% YES!
Now imagine, NO fun til your baby/child is at least 21 years old(that's older than you are now) and your family being really really pissed off with you. Are you in the States, have you not seen the MTV Preganent at for you ...13?

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noooo...... sis u will not get pregnant as your boyfriend is not adult and i think that you will not have got periods yet...

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what is wrong with you........they are children.........

.. But .... I Get My First Period ,, When i Was Grade 6 ! At Age Of 11 Yrs oLd ! Now Im Second Yr. High School aNd 13 Yrs oLd .!

I got my period when I was 9 years old. I know a girl that did it 5 times when she was your age she felt bad every time she did it. Now she hates herself for doing it. :(

It is very possible but it depend on level maturity

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no it's not possible....

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you really need to educate yourself before you give answers like that. You can very well mess up their lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

helen its not wat u think ,, even the sperms are need to be strong in the mens body ,or the girl will not give birth sexalogy

Yea it is... If he is producing the *stuff* yet.

Dude it is possible the condom could break it happened to my brother it was a good thing that his girlfriend hadn't her period yet.(they were only sixteen) ( by brother was so scary he punch a window and had to go to the hospital!!!!!!)

Just master bate see if it feels goid, than if u really want to have sex its up to you no one else, youre ur own person. I master bate all the time had age 10

i had sex with a 13 year old girl, i'm an 11 year old young man and i didn't get her pregnant.

Having sex, yes you could get pregnant. However sitting on the couch watching TV enjoying an afterschool snack you will positively not get pregnant, so give that a try before you do anything you can't take back.

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oh shit ! this is the best comments which i have read bob...these are too small kids ,,,never have sex guys ..u can watch ben 10 after ur school is over ,,,

You can.
Don't try to grow up to fast,
you'll deffinetly regret it.
I guarantee that.

Making out or kissing is fine, and acceptable,
but trust me, when it comes to sex,
wait for that special someone.

Your to young to enter that maturity level yet, give it a few more years.

All it will bring to your life is guilt and worries.

And it deffenitly wont be worth it, considering he's only eleven.

Good luck sweetie.

And props to you for finding out your facts and taking a stand before experimenting with anything out of your comfurt zone.

You are really creepy

Yes you can get pregnant. Just because he is younger than you doesn't change a thing. You can be any age to get pregnant.

Or you can watch adventure time it is better!!:} :} :} live life good!!!!!!!!!!

I am just a little concerned that the 11 year old wants to have sex.... When I was 11 i think I was still nervous about kissing!!! Oh World!!!!

Haha I'm 12 have a boyfriend and weve kissed, ALOT and trust me if we even had sex and didn't get pregnet we would be scared to talk to each other at all

no you will not get pregnant

you are to young to be having sex and in my eyes to have a boyfriend also!!! go play with dolls not penis!!!

If u already done it then ur dum...well I shouldent be talking I was only 10 when I did it and I'm 13 now and I have a son and if u still want to do it go ahead do it but I'm going to tell u what my family did when they found out I got someone pregnet my dad was sooooo mad I dont think iv ever seen him that mad u know what he did he started betting me not like a spanking he came at me with everything he had a 180 pound 46 year old man had beatten a 10 year old boy until he had a bloody face and a broken arme and kicked him out of the house just like a pice of trash and after that I was liveing on the streets for 5 weeks but finally I got my girlfrend to let me live with her and her family they patched me up good as new but I can't stop thinking about the face my dad made when he beatted me in rage but if she did not let me live with her my son would have never seen his father and would grown up without being told right from wrong but if u still want to do it fine just make sure the kid ur doing dues not lose control over himself and get u pregnet wate unil ur older ok dont fuck up ur life like me plz think about what ur giving ur life up for ok.

Okokwait. U r 13 years old and u r thinking abou having sex with a 11 year old boy! I can think of a couple reasons why you shouldnt
1. It can trash up life they'll make a new show for u called 13 and pregnant
2. Ur still young
3. Sorry and this might sound graffic but if his part is big enough it could rip your you know thIng

which kind of idiot wants 2 have sex at the age of 11. anyway sex is gross and painfull. go and just snogg on the sofa ♀♂

ummmm well im only 12 in 5 days so i dont know much about sex and stuff. but you could maybe get pregnant if your period has started and if you have gone throught puberty. to be honest i think you and him are both way to young for sex and you have your whole life to live.

U only can if he has hit pupertey and if he has finished it

Not necessarily true,

hello! everybody hope all of u fine
my question is that that i am 18 year old boy in i am going to married but i don't want to my wife will pregnant quickly can anyone explain it for me sorry about my bad english ?

Having sex at this age isn't good, and you're way too young for that, you gotta wait until you're in the right age to do it, and then go ahead, do it ^^
Waiting is the best thing you can do now :).

don't do it untill your 18

Wait till ur senior year of highschool then think about it

I'm at a young age to I've started my period to but I don't want to tell nobody so my friends at school talk about how they get to kiss there boyfriends a d etc but I'm just fine with holding hands with my man because I love him enough to wait a lot of years

No I'm 21 and trust me I thought I couldn't get PG but guess what I got PG...I hate my life P.S. I was 11 when I got PG.

Possibly it depends have u started having ur periods and also the boy is 11 and most boys can't sperm till they are about 13 but I'm 11 and I can