Hi. I'm looking for some help for auditioning for "The Wizard Of Oz" as Dorthy. Dorthy has been one of my dream roles for a while and I really wanna get the part, I am 13 years old and i'm 5,3. I have been acting since 5 and loved it ever since. I have never acted at this place before so i'm kinda nervous ill only get ensemble because i'm new, anyways I have to perform the scene where dorthy just goes over the rainbow and meets glinda. I don't know what tone I should use or how to say it. Another thing is for the song I have to sing "Over The Rainbow" I'm pretty good at it except for the last words, the part where she sings "Why of why (can't I)?" I have to hold the note for like A LONG time which is really hard. Auditions are on the 27th of april so if you got any tips PLEASE tell me. Thanks for reading this far<3