I have always been up front about my sexuality with my girlfriend. Been in a relationship for 9 months, and she is bisexual too, not as opened about it. Recently she brought up me being able to get a boyfriend, aslong as it is just sexual. We are only talking about it at the moment, we have always been honest, we fight and work through it. I of course gave her the same option, we agreed to make some sort of document with rules and regulations , we would even make failsafes to keep anything bad from happening because we keep our relationship first. I said we would move at our own comfortable speed. We agreed that the terms for the other would be made from our own feelings or comfortable levels, even if the rules are uneven we keep to ours comfortable level, as in not give in because the other lets me do this. And as we talk about all this i am wondering if this might cause our relationship to have issues. Is this a good idea? Any ideas that might help? Anyone whose gone through this? Any advice or infortmation would be greatly appreciated.