... I am. (I'm 22 he's 59). I've dated a 36 year old that seemed much much older than him even though the 59 year old has 3 daughters all in their 20s. We've both made it apparent we are into each other but he's never been a creep at all. We met through my job - I work at a gym deli and he started coming in the winter (he's a regular during this time). Usually he comes an hour before I close and talks to me and then once im off I've ended up hanging out with him for four more hours on four separate occasions. Today I didn't work, but was at the gym, and we sat and talked for eight hours. We never have a pausing moment and we talk about a variety of things - from crazy stories to politics (im a legal studies major). I can't find any info about this big of an age difference. It's not about his status or money... He doesn't have a lot of money and he's a minimalist that lives on his own. But something about him just draws me to him. How should I go about starting a sexual relationship with him? It should be noted that even though he goes to
My work I know it wouldn't be awkward to see him or effect m work performance because i can handle it... I've had a few situations where I dated people at my work/knew I would see them at work and it wasn't hard... Maybe because I'm outgoing and can get over it? Thanks!