When I was in 2nd grade they tested us and got our IQ results in school. Turns out at 8 my IQ was 150. Put into a program and was taught higher info until middle school. Well now I'm that chick who is smart as hell apparently, functions higher and also has trouble fitting in. I have my gift which is the Art's. Meaning i'm great in almost everything "Right Brained". Just.. i don't know if it is just me... but I don't know my way in life. I long for something in my life. I'm the only gifted i know of in my school. I'm not autistic if thats what you think it means. It means (from what i was told) i have something im my brain thats not the same. Makes me have natural talents that are suprising to people. I just need some answers. Like, someone that might know something can help me. I don't know exactally what to do.