I'm unable to re-collect stuff/ terminology that i've studied for the exams. Any suggestions?

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First, do your studies every day instead of trying to cram the night before the exam. Second, relate what you learn to what you already know. For instance you say 'terminology' instead of 'words' or 'phrases' or 'terms' or 'expressions'. A lot of people get in the habit of talking in big words and they can't explain what they mean because they never related the big words to what they already know.

This is a major problem in philosophy, where students can talk for hours without ever saying anything meaningful. They only memorize big words and famous names. The problem is even worse in religious studies because nobody really expects things to have clear meanings. Chemistry involves learning a lot of new words, but most or all of them are associated with pictures, so you can make visual relations. Economics is a hoot because there are two systems, one sideways to the other. If you relate what you learn to reality, it is fairly easy to see that one system is total bullsnot, and of course that is the system used by politicians and big bankers to justify tax-and-spend policies.

If you apply this method, you will have to get used to insults from a lot of people, because you understand things they wish would not be understood.

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