Here's my predicament:
Through my employer, I am eligible to take free community college classes at no limit. Over the summer I completed my Associates (of Applied Business) in Business Management. I have 13 classes left to take to complete my Bachelors of Business Admin (unfortunately, I'm paying for this one completely); I'm at 81 credits out of the 120 so to minimize costs, I'm taking 3 of the classes required, for free at the community college and transferring them over when this semester is done in December - which will bring me to my 90 credit transfer max and leave me with only 10 classes to bang out which I plan on doing by June. However, I realized that the 3 classes I am taking, along with a lot that I have already taken, fulfill about 2/3 of the program requirements to complete a second Associates in Accounting. After this semester, I'd have 6 more (free) classes to take and I could earn my 2nd Associates - which I could do at my leisure or even after my Bachelors is complete. If I had to pay for the 2nd Associates, I'd never even consider this, but since it's free and I'm so close, it sounds like it could be a good idea - My question is, is it worth it for me to pursue a 2nd Associates in Accounting - on top of the Associates in Management and Bachelors in Business Admin?