Okay so I decided to do my ancestry DNA kit, but I'm unsure if its accurate or not because I got an email saying my saliva sample is being processed Monday, July 28th. They also said results will come in 6 weeks to 8 weeks, but my results came back that Friday August 4th. Of course it was nothing that I thought because my mom's side is full of Native Americans but I only got 1% of Native. My dad's family has claimed to be Polynesian but turns out I'm more African than what me and my family thought with no Polynesian at all. Most of it was different African countries like 22% Cameroon/Congo, 20% Nigeria, 12% Benin/Togo, 11% Ivory Coast/Ghana, and 7% Mali. I also had a feeling about these two but I'm 12% Great Britain and 7% Scandinavian. They also had a low confidence region making Europe East 3%, Asia South <1%, and Finland/Northwest Russia 1% . Iberian Peninsula(Spain, Portugal) had an <1% as well as Asia South in which I'm not sure what that means. It must be a really low chance?? Anyways I'm not too sure if its accurate because it came so fast and it seemed like they just listed some countries down to call my DNA. Maybe try 23 and me instead?