Is it against the law to drive your car naked?

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Yes it is against the law to drive your car naked.

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why not bothering anyone

What do you mean? You really should bother anyone. You want to drive n*ked, then go ahead. You're gonna get caught otherwise...

Of course its against the law to drive your car naked. Why would you do that?

Really it depends on if you want to get caught by the p***** or not so . . . I really do hope you won't try to do it nudeist. The police might even tell you that you're embarassing yourself in public . . . so . . .

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Nice answer. I think I like yours as well as my own.

Do you really want the police to drive around and find somebody naked in their car on the freeway? I don't think so. Think again! NO, you CANNOT DRIVE YOUR FREAKING CAR NAKED ARE YOU A HYPOCRITE OR SOMETHING? A KILLER WHALE THAT'S DRIVING HIS FREAKING CAR NAKED? NO!!!!!!!!!

I do hope you'll make good choices nudeist. I really do. I don't wanna hear that a kid like you drove his car naked. Yes, it is against the law to drive your car naked.

Hope this helps Nudeist!

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Wow! What a question. Why would you want to drive a car naked anyway? Lol, but yes it's againt the law.

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Wow. What a question! lol you shouldn't do and yes it is against the law.

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Why exactly would you drive your car naked? Its against the law.

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Lol... what a question

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I KNOW right? Someone driving around the freaking freeway naked. That's the stupidest question I've ever heard someone ask before. Only someone that stupid would do that, and this person has proved to US, the community that he's the stupidest person on the planet.

I don't see anything wrong with driving your car naked.
You ask why would you want to. Well cause the breeze is really nice. Lmao I honestly just wanted to know because we are playing the game Paddile. Where first to see a car with a head light has to say Paddile and tap the roof or dash. Then everyone else in the car has to take off a piece of clothing.

*first to see a car etc. With a headlight out