Is it alright for your mom to call you fat or ugly?

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Technically, it's not a good thing to do.
Mums sometimes do things and say things
when they're having a bad day or something.
They usually don't do it regularly.

Is your mum doing this daily?
Is it always a derogatory remark ( a put down)?
If she does this all the time it's not good.

I suggest you talk to her.
Ask her why she called you 'fat , etc..'

If she doesn't apologise for it.
Ring up the police or Child welfare.
She may or may not know she is mistreating you.
You need protection.
No one deserves to be emotionally abused.

If you over 18, you need to consider moving.

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No f****** way!

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Watch the language Hollywood

Watch your language Hollywood2. Also, watch YOUR mouth Brenna.

I don't know why she sometimes call me that but there was this one time where I just went out to go with my cousin and since then we're like hanging every day and talking every day, now we're best cousins/friends and we help one another out with personal stuff, non-personal, issues, etc.... Sometimes she's blind in every possible way and doesn't see the other side of the issue and only focuses on one side...

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I agree! :)

Why would she call you ugly? That's not okay to call somebody. That's showing stupidity and non-behavioral examples. That's not showing gratitude and that your mom likes you. She's pissed about something.

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NO! She's supposed to lift your spirit and make you feel beautiful no matter what. If mom's do want to tell you something negative about yourself, it'll come with love, kindness and advice followed by affection.

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no its not you only get one proper mother in life so treat her well

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well its your mom but she should no better.shes yourmom and no one shold talk that way

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no it not fair but she may be kiddling

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You never know if your mom is kidding when she calls you fat or ugly. If she's laughing, and you see a little twinkling light in her eyes, she might be laughing she might be playing I wouldn't worry about it just go along with it if she's laughing at you.

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No because it could hurt your feelings.

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Now first did you assume or did she straight out called you fat?
Is this repetitive ?
Have you talked to your mom about it?
If you answered yes to all of these then I suggest you talk to a guidance counselor before going to child services. Let the counselor try helping you resolve the issue. Your mom calling you fat and such is mental abuse and shouldn't be taken lightly. Make sure you talk to a guidance counselor or even someone you trust before going any further.

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yes from my point of view she told this for some reasons. Don't be upset in the end she's ur mother and she wouldn't say this without any reason. Try to find the reason and u will understand ur selves what is her intentions behind telling u all this

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Yes, it is. It's not helpful and in some cases, it causes kids to eat more. Abuse isn't help. That doesn't mean people won't say things to you that aren't nice, including your mother. In the end, it's up to you how you handle nasty comments. You can't make a law against such things. You can however, decide for yourself what you plan to do about it. Main thing is don't believe abuse. It's more about them than you.

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