Was told to pee in a cup to see how my UTI was doing, finished and as she came in said good girl to me. That was shocking and disturbing and made me feel uncomfortable.I mentioned how it made me feel though I don't remember my exact words as I was just speaking level and calm and as polite and respectful as I could..I was instantly given a look and she just seemed frozen and asked me if that bothered me and then told me how it was my dirty perception in my head and not her intentions and I didn't say she had bad intentions because I hear strange things form her all the time and this time I said something out of my nature of thinking in my head me saying something is normal or okay. I told her how it didn't make any sense to me because being called a good girl I only know people say it for pets or to young girls...she just said what she said was normal and to ask anyone. I felt the same for some reason but don't know why she said she wouldn't say it to me ever again but I felt disrespected and felt as if I had said something wrong and I don't know why. I don't know why its normal to be told good girl and why it isn't normal to voice my feelings on how it made me feel.