Is it normal for calves to fatigue when running for a few seconds ?

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If you mean calves like baby farm animals, no. If you mean calves like the backs of your legs, no. That is maybe a sign of blocked blood flow. Old folks often have that condition, but they usually know about it several years before it becomes a problem. If you are not old yet, you need to see a doctor before you have a stroke.

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i got my bloods taken and pulse checked and everything came back normal so it’s definitley not that

I've never heard of anyone complaining about fatigued calves. Cramps yes or better known as a charley horse but no one saying tired calves. I would ask my doctor or coach about it.

"You could be out for a run or drifting off to sleep when it happens: The muscles of your calf or foot suddenly become hard, tight, and painful. ... Sometimes called “charley horses” -- particularly when they're in the calf muscles – cramps are caused by muscle spasms – involuntary contractions of one or more muscles. Mar 31, 2017"

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I have fatigue in the calves, so I am somewhat familiar with the sensation. It has no resemblance to a cramp, even though they might both have the same cause.

If your body isn't used to running, you can get cramps.

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it’s not even cramps, it’s hard to describe but it’s more of a soreness it just feels like my calf muscles are dead and won’t function until i stop for a few seconds