I recently had been struck on my bike one night by a car. I seen the car coming from about a football field away and told myself to make it across the bridge before the car caught up since there were no bike lanes or sidewalk and I didn't want to come to a complete stop to wait for the car to pass. I assumed it was 2oclock in the morning and the driver would just go around me since there was no other cars driving the road. . . Yeah right. She went right threw me instead. I broke my wrist from breaking my fall, fractured a disc in my lower back, bruised my left foot and couldn't walk on it at all, and got road rash on my shoulder, chest, knee, and foot. I was rushed to a trauma center and released next day. Now the driver had no insurance and my medical bills racked up to $100k including surgery on my wrist. I tried asking my attorney if we could go after the state because I was forced to ride in the road because of conditions on the road but he denied wanting to do that. I got a settlement, after the fees were paid I got handed $6k. I think I'm entitled to more. I seen a bike race going on a few days ago and to my surprise these guys on the bikes pulled out into the road right where I got hit. This inpatient driver over took the car along with the cyclists and almost caught one off there bike. I'm aware once you take a settlement you can't reopen the case, but could I start a new case to go for the state? And could someone tell me what type of lawyer I need to find to do this?