I have a friend who I have been chatting with over the internet for about a year and always seemed like a perfectly average person. He is 21 years old and we just recently met in person in a public place and he seemed to not really understand basic social norms. He was very loud and acting out a lot of the things he was saying, and he talked very slow like he had to really think about every word. He would make random noises when he didn't know what to say. He is very kind and loving and always tries to help people when he can but he doesn't have many friends and doesn't seem to understand why. He acts like he is a lot younger than he actually is. I'm not sure if he is just not comfortable out in the world or if he is autistic or maybe has aspergers, but over the internet and video chat he is a perfectly normal and composed person. I know he's also struggled with depression and anxiety a lot throughout his life and he didn't do well in school, he is very lonely and I want to know how I can help him if he does have some sort of disorder.