I have suspicions of my wife cheating, and I don’t know if I’m being paranoid or right, so I hope this helps you see my dilemma. A week ago, my wife and I went to the local social, she was quiet all night. I went to the toilet and next minute when I come out she’s talking to this muscular bald chap, my wife gave introductions, soon after I went to speak to some of my pals, and my wife was still chatting away and laughing. Two hour or so later, we got a taxi home, said goodbye and that was it. In the taxi she was talking about how she never met him before tonight but got talking about houses (ours is on the market). A few days later I came home from work on my lunch to see her, there was a car parked outside, I guessed it was one of her friends. I walked in the house but no-one could be seen, the television was on but no-one there, I shouted her name but there was no reply, I started to walk up the stairs when she appeared on the landing coming out of the bedroom with the bald chap, her hair was ruffled and blouse no fully buttoned, his t-shirt was creased like he’d just chuck it on. I asked what they was doing ad she replied that he was looking at the house, we went downstairs and I offered him a cuppa but he said he’d best be going. Minutes later I went to work. That evening I came home from work and found a ripped condom on the drive, my started to have further suspicions. Nut it could have been one of the boys, I was a lad once. I went upstairs to get changed to see the bed cover and sheets had been changed. What do you think?