I know that there are others like me that suffer from trimethylaminuria and I just want to find better ways of dealing with it.

*Insight of how trimethylaminuria has affected me (don't have to read it)*

It's been going on for 6 years (from the start of middle school to my sophomore year of college) which has made my psychological state worsen to a point that I had to be admitted to the hospital last year (I'm still amazed that I still keep going in life dealing with this). I have been working out more due to my depression creating a addiction to eating out of necessity to feel better.However, I do still find it hard to go out with friends with the smell having people and them move away from me, commenting harshly about it, and spraying perfumes or Febreeze on me. I usually don't find myself really wanting to go out anymore because of the social anxiety I've developed from trimethylaminuria which now I just want to live a more fulfilling life with the smell reduced to a lower level. Thank you for those who took the time to read this or comment ideas it really makes me feel more less of an outlier in life with this knowing that there are others going through this like myself. I wish for a better future for those who have this disorder or not. Have a blessed day and pray for a better tomorrow.