I had umbilical hernia surgery in April2017, and it's now August 2017 and I had surgery again 6 days ago, my doctor didn't run any tests on me before the surgery, right before they put me to sleep with the anesthesia he marked my Tummy (2 times) and explained to me what was gonna happen, I asked him how long the procedure was gonna be he said it was gonna be brief about a half hour or hour at the most, long story short I wake up screaming about 2 hours later and 6 cuts more than the first surgery. (7total). And I also learned that I didn't infact have another umbilical hernia , but I had a ventral hernia way above where the first hernia was, 6 days post op and I'm still in a world of pain, I'm a grown woman and I have cried like a baby. I guess my question is how often does a hernia recur, and can doctors get away with not running tests and cutting me that many times with out going with the original surgery plan.? Or maybe I wouldnt have been cut so many times if my doctor would have further ran tests and knew exactly where to cut me and fix the hernia.. I need advise and help please. It's sad to think that the doctors in my town don't care about there patients.