... amount of leave credits including vacation, sick leave, and CTO.  The agency's policy is all leave credits rollover to the following year excluding CTO that is capped at 250 hours. I recently promoted to a new position in the department and after a few months I noticed my leave balances were way off by nearly a month of usable leave credits. I contacted my new HR  that is in a different location and provided them with my time sheet signed by my supervisor at the time before I promoted with my correct leave balance. My HR responded that their records didn't show I have that large amount of leave credits but they will verify with my old HR. I have been extremely patient but it now has been several months and my leave balance is still way off. I enjoy working for this department but I worked really hard to acquire all that time off and now it is like it was just deleted and never existed even though I provided proof. I am just looking for advise on how to proceed with this? If any one had any similar experiences and how they dealt with it that would help also. I don't want to cause an issue with my department but I also don't want to be cheated out of all my leave credits. Also they never cashed out any of my credits it was like I said deleted like they loss records of my balance