So a eviction judgement was filed against me back in Aug 2011. Of course, being young and dumb. I fell behind on paying my rent. I skipped out of the court date and the landlord won the case by default. Even then, I never received a notice to pay what I owed and it never showed up as a collection owed on my credit reports. Fast forward 2014, I've been able to rent apartments under my name. Today, I'm looking for another apartment and the leasing agent said I got "denied" for the new place because of my eviction. I've called my old apartment to try and settle it but it's a new property management and they can't look up my file.

My question is: Even if the eviction is showing on my rental history, if the landlord never sent what I owe to the court, is there any way of me disputing the eviction to be cleared??