... was swollen on both sides as if there were tennis balls. When mentioning this to the seller, she said the puppy had just drinking a whole bowl of water, so we bought her anyways just thinking she needed to go to the bathroom a few times and would be okay. It’s been about 12 hours now and after going to the bathroom normally multiple times she is still super bloated. She acts perfectly normal however and seems as if she is in no pain. She sleeps a lot which we think is normal for a puppy. However, her stomach is so big that it is effecting the way that she is walking, almost as if she doesn’t want to put weight on her back legs. She hasn’t thrown up or shown any other side effects of GDV other than the bloating, and we don’t want to take her to the vet if it is just normal puppy gas and pay a lot of $$ for nothing, any ideas on what this may be? Is it an emergency or should we wait and see if it gets better in the next day or two?