i was injury in 2004 and i hire a lawyer to help me fight this case and it has been 9 years, the defendant wanted to have an out - of - court settlement. the defendant agree to pay me some money and my lawyer will get 30% of those money. my lawyer said it's a pretty good offer and i better do it because he said if i continue to fight the case, i will defintely lose and not getting any money. it's ok for me have an out - of - court settlement, but now the problem is the money that i owe private clinic; the medical bill is so expensive and if i agree to have out - of - court settlement the money that i need to pay will exceed the money that i got. my lawyer promise me that he will help me resolve medical liens, this is his word " this is to advise that our office will collect all outstanding medical bills arising from treatment of your injuries sustained in the accident of 2004 and attempt to resolve all outstanding medical liens on your behalf". i afraid that he will just take 30% of money and don't care about what will happen if i have difficulty about those medical bills. i don't know right now if i should sign the out - of - court settlement contract or continue to fight the case? and i'm a low income family, if i lose the case do i need to pay those medical bill? and one of most ridiculous request from my lawyer is that if i continue to fight i will need to pay him 10,000 dollar, isn't that i only pay him 30% if and only if i win the injury case.it make me feel like my lawyer was trying to force me to sign the out of court settlement contract, so he can get 30% of those money. if my lawyer refuse to help me continue fight the case, will i need to pay him? right now i just don't know what to do, it involve so many different issue, can anybody give me some advise.?