Love - does long distance relationship last for a long time?

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You don't know what love is.

A long distance relationship is called a pen-pal.

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No they do not. 98 percent of them fail.

Because no matter what people think there is no such thing as dating online. Dates are face to face sharing an activity together like dinners, concerts, picnics, dancing, bike riding, going out in groups, meetings family and friends. Talking to each other online is nothing more than an electronic pen pal. Sooner or later one or the other starts becoming distrustful and thinking the other one is cheating and/or wants to break up.

"In real life, long-distance relationships don't work. The reason that they don't work is that they are a fantasy. Long-distance relationships often masquerade as real relationships."

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2% is left which may include that long distance relationships might work out.

They have a chance of working out. If you really like this person and they like you back it definitely could even if it’s hard sometimes. Maybe to see each other more visit when you can and chat over a screen (FaceTime, Skype, etc.) and frequently update each other on what is happening in your lives. If the effort is worth it than try and keep the relationship. Effort even with distance can show how much you guys care to still keep the relationship.

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thank you for getting my hopes up...

It depends on the distance. If it's an hour or two, then it could be doable. If it's a plane trip away, then that probably can't sustain itself for very long.

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I'd say a long distance relationship has potential to last for any period of time if you'd already been together for a long time before one of you has gone somewhere, hence you've built some solid foundation to stay loyal and important to each other...if you'd never been close at all but have been in a long distance rs the whole time...personally, I don't think that can even be a rs in the 1st place.

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NO..... When I first moved to a knew school that whole school year i dated People from my old school and believe me long distance never works out. You really are not aware of what your partner is doing and it's kind of bad, unless your partner is like a very loyal person (there are very rarely loyal people).

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Yes, it can last for a long time only if both persons are loyal. Relationships depends on loyality and not on distance.

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As long as both of you are willing to be in one, you have a good shot at it working out.

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It last until one of the two get bored or tired of the long distance relationship, they meet someone and start to distance themselves.

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I am sure if your in a relationship you want it to go well but, a long distance one?
I am not sure if it will. I have seen many TV shows and movies to have gained amazing experience on this topic. And i can fully say that a long distance relationship will not last and you should find other options. Although you can choose to remain friends.

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