I was in a relationship for a year, it was pretty serious and we were so happy and growing together. Personally we don’t have any issues and we never had any major fights or arguments. I know her from 4years, initially we were friends. When she told about me in her house, they were started telling no because of caste issues. Everyday there used to be arguments in their house. One day her parents attempted to suicide and even her brother. After all these extreme things she called me and said that will stop this here. I was trying to her convince, but she dint get. So this time even tried doing the same because of that impulse and anxiety and pain. I thought she’ll say yes, but she was stubborn. I have called her continuously and sent mails and messages but no use even after I have tried to kill myself. After a week I went and met her and asked her to come out. I started telling how am feeling and what am going through and all but she dint change her mind. I tried to hug her but she refused and I just told her that If you sleep with me today I’ll forget you, she was like nooo. I asked her that we used to same thing everyday when we were together. She was like I can’t do against my will. I said the same thing you can’t just abandon me all of a sudden. We used to talk lot about how we have to fight and all how to convince our parents. So finally she agreed to do that and we did and spoke with her again and said sorry I dint mean to hurt you or something, I just want to tell you how it hurts.
then finally I came back to my place and stopped talking to her and after three days she called me again that she’s missing me and hoping if any miracle should happen and said sorry for calling again. The problem started from here that I have started calling her again and talking again and begging her again to come back and she said NO again and blocked me again. It’s been four days I didn’t try to call or message. Am still missing her and it’s paining badly. Because I stay in a house where we both use to live. What I have to do now. I know I have done mistakes. But when we were together it was wonderful, because of their toxic family all these things happened and I don’t know what I have to do ???