... got off, the guy left with me reached in his pocket and started rumaging around 'down there' with rapid up and down hand movement..
I tried not to notice but out of the corner of my eye I could see that all the while he was doing that, he was watching me the whole time.
I know he saw me because (in my opinion) if I saw him then he could see me.
Part of me tends to believe that he was gay because he didn't stop when he saw me or said "this isn't what it looks like' or waited the 30- seconds until the elevator stopped on his floor.
I talked to someone at work about it and she said that the reason he didn't say anything was that he probably was embarrassed.
When I contacted him, his response was "This is bizarre. I offer my deepest apologies for allegedly starring at you for a whole floor lengths elevator ride. Anything else, sport? "
When I asked him if he was upset that I accused him of being something he wasn't, he replied "Not Really".

Do you just think he's in denial/hiding?