when i was 22 i started dating my ex, we dated for 2 years, lived together etc...but basically i had the opportunity to move to NYC with my friends and i just left him because i thought i still had so much life to experience and i was afraid to just settle down. we ended up braking up...and i wasnt too sad at the time, i started dating other guys and had the best time of my life in NYC. then I ended up moving to Arizona. I started dating a guy that I was friends with in college, he has a good head on his shoulders, is really smart and is really really in love with me. He asked me to marry him and i didnt think i would find a guy that could treat me any better, so I said yes. We have been married for 2 years and although I love him and would never do anything to hurt him, I still cant stop thinking about my ex. I regret leaving him and sometimes I cry because i think i would have been so much happier if i would have married him....i dont know if i am living in the past....i dont know what my problem is, i am just so sad that i didnt stay with him and that i was so selfish. he is now married with a kid, and i am pretty sure he is happily married. we dont talk, i dont live anywhere near him....but i just cant stop thinking about him and hating myself for leaving him. any idea what i should do? i cant tell my husband, i cant tell him, i cant tell anyone...but i have been feeling like this....since i said "i do". it so frusterating!