An mba or masters in finance?
hi ,
I have completed my under grad degree from india ( bachelors of commerce,3 year degree) with 66%. I was also pursuing chartered accountancy along with under grad( one can get a chartered accountancy degree right after high school in india, unlike other countries.).I will complete chartered accountancy next year and plan to study further right after getting the degree(ie i wont have any work experience).

Of all the subjects that i studied for chartered accountancy, i find finance to be the most interesting and plan to pursue a careeer in the same field.

what will be the most suitable option for me to get into a finance related(Investment banking) career (as in which degree and which univ considering my academic background), masters in finance/financial engineering or an mba?
will it be worth doind a masters after getting a chartered accountancy degree?

ps-i plan to study overseas right after completing chartered accountancy(ie no work ex)