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Daughters Wedding?

Posted 4 days ago | 1 answers | | Open

Related topics: kid, daughter, wedding, adult, stupid, married

Answer posted by KBDB 4 days ago: It's time to be the bigger man, walk your daughter down the aisle and be part of her special day. When it's done you can leave and never step foot in that house again.

How did technology change society after the war?

Posted 3+ months ago | 2 answers | | Open

Related topics: war, technology, after, society, world war 1

Answer posted by Wenso 3+ months ago: It required rapid development of military technology, including electronics. After the war these technologies could then be brought to the consumer markets They were exciting. Large scale travel, large scale medicine, major leaps in communications, chemistry, energy and materials.

MSNBC - When Donald trump lies, why don'tt the reporters call him a liar right on the spot?

Posted 3+ months ago | 1 answers | | Open

Related topics: people, war, lie, reporter, donald, right, spot, trump, msnbc, wars, liar

Answer posted by Jewels Vern 3+ months ago: Reporters don't argue, they report. It is usually not their job to comment on what they report. Other people do the arguing and then the reporters report the argument.

I am a married woman. My husband and I don't have sex. Over the year we may have sex 6-12 times

Posted 3+ months ago | 10 answers | | Open

Related topics: woman, sex, year, husband, problem, years, help, heartbroken, married

Answer posted by GoofyGorb1978 3+ months ago: That is always one of the hardest questions to answer, it makes it more difficult when very limited information is given. I know it might be embarrassing to say certain things publicly, but in order to get the most accurate answer more details would need to be given. Some information needed would ...

Is my wife cheating on me?

Posted 3+ months ago | 29 answers | | Open

Related topics: hope, wife, sex, week, right, affair, cheating, married, paranoid, dilemma

Response posted by nolies4u 3+ months ago: There is this really cool thing, called communication. And, there are really cool people out there that specialize in helping people learn how to communicate, called mft's. They usually are paid around $100 an hour. Seems obvious to me she is using you, so pack up her stuff and put it outside ...

Date of Trojan war?

Posted 3+ months ago | 1 answers | | Open

Related topics: war, trojan, wars

Answer posted by Jewels Vern 3+ months ago: In Greek mythology, the Trojan War was waged against the city of Troy by the Achaeans after Paris of Troy took Helen from her husband Menelaus, king of Sparta. Wikipedia The only known fact in that statement is "mythology." They aren't even sure it was Greek mythology.

What happened during the Holocaust?

Posted 3+ months ago | 3 answers | 1 star | Open

Related topics: war, jew, holocaust

Answer posted by WayneKerr1 3+ months ago: well, there was a small not really significant bloke called adolf and he didn't like someone. I don't know, they don't really matter anyway. and he just chucked em into ovens and made a nice stromboli

Causes of the civil war?

Posted 3+ months ago | 2 answers | | Open

Related topics: civil, war, civil war, wars

Answer posted by elj2016B 3+ months ago: The American Civil War erupted in 1861 after seven southern states broke away from the Union, soon to be followed by four more. These 11 formed the Confederacy. The continuance of slavery was one of the principal issues between the North and the South. It was argued by the wealthy southern planters ...

Can you get in trouble for having a personal dispute on Facebook with a cop?

Posted 3+ months ago | 1 answers | | Open

Related topics: work, personal, break, guard, wife, cop, guys, trouble, facebook, guy, married, break up

Response posted by NEEDS-SERIOUS-HELP 3+ months ago: That's a lawsuit bud. You and your wife could charge him with harassment and have his badge taken away. And as far as the Facebook dispute I wouldn't push your luck with engaging in a argument/fight with him cus he may find a loophole. Best thing to do is to politely ask him to ...

Is it possible, wars and crimes begin by a leader infected by toxoplasma gondii in his/her brain?

Posted 3+ months ago | 1 answers | | Open

Related topics: war, brain, leader, crime, begin, infected, leaders, wars

Response posted by elj2016B 3+ months ago: University of Chicago researchers say a parasite commonly spread from cats to humans may play a role in impulsive aggression. Their research into the parasite, toxoplasma gondii, is part of their broader effort to improve diagnosis and treatment of people with recurrent bouts of extreme anger such ...

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