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What did U.S. leaders think Soviet intentions were?

History questions for homework.

Posted 7 hours ago | 0 answers | | Open

Related topics: history, leader, soviet, homework, question, leaders

How many type of air transmission?

Before choosing an air compressor, it is essential to ask yourself a few questions about the type of use you intend to make of it and, in particular, ...

Posted 2 weeks ago | 0 answers | | Open

Related topics: air, type, question, transmission

I'm going to kill my self what should I do to prepare?

I live in Canada and The Maid program opens to people with mental illness. I what to know what should i do to prepare for my passing.

Posted 2 weeks ago | 0 answers | | Open

Related topics: kill, canada, people, open, program, passing, maid, prepare, mental, self

What does the rare, outlandish, and distinctive English name Queenstar mean?

I have been looking everywhere for the meaning of this name but still no luck. It is hard to find and is no longer in use. If you know the meaning ...

Posted 3 weeks ago | 0 answers | | Open

Related topics: english, luck, rare, meaning, name

How Is the Kinesiology Tape Different from an Athletic Tape?

Kinesiology tape was invented by a Japanese chiropractor, Kenzo Kase, in the 1970s and is still widely utilized; you may have seen athletes using it ...

Posted 3 weeks ago | 0 answers | | Open

Related topics: different, tape, athletics

Is "Snowflake Data Cloud" a good choice for a cloud-native transactional application data-store?

Currently, I generate data on a different datastore and replicate to Snowflake Staging, then that data moves to the Data Warehouse DB through ELT ...

Posted 4 weeks ago | 0 answers | | Open

Related topics: cloud, native, store, warehouse, different, snowflake, choice, application, good, data

What kind of employment will you be seeking on your return to your home country?

how would you answer this question if u study in different county?

Posted 5 weeks ago | 0 answers | | Open

Related topics: home, study, county, country, different, question, return, employment, answer, homes

How is critical think in the way we use the term in justice studies any different than you?

Sociology (2-3 paragraph)

Posted 3+ months ago | 0 answers | 1 star | Open

Related topics: different, justice, sociology, paragraph

How to get someone to stop harassing me and my friend online?

Okay, so I’m 23 and my friend is 22. Recently over Instagram, I got into a heated argument with this 16 year old girl who told my best friend ...

Posted 3+ months ago | 0 answers | | Open

Related topics: girl, friend, over, year, online, girls, old, friends, years, best friend, instagram

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