ong story short my partner and i got together and his parents never approved of me my partner & his older sister got into a massive fight & his sister brought my 4 year old daughter into the argument, i found it a low act bringing a little girl into a fight where she cant defend herself, as a mum i defended for my daughter and i was made out to being the bad person. my partner and i recently got engaged and he wants me to mend bridges with his parents cause his parents didnt like me defending for my daughter in the fight, which i am ok for mending bridges and i will do it for my partners sake. problem is i feel like his mum relys on my partner (her son) way too much. he still lives with her as we are applying for rental properties together. she has asked him on several occasions for money, she asked to use his car last week on his day off from work, she texted him on saturday saying he had to be home by 4pm as she wanted the house super clean (walls, doors, ect) and now this week on thursday she has asked to use his car again! my dad who lives 2 hours away is comin up friday 6am to service my car before he starts work, so we were relying on my partners car as we are celebrating valentines day late due to him working and were going to stay away thursday night. his mum needs the car till 7pm so it means we wont be able to go out for dinner or away his mum has her own car but her husband has a bike and her husband needs the car.
am i being selfishby asking my partner to say no?