So, me and my friend play Mineraft in our iPads. We've usually just been using the play-on-same-WiFi thing, but now, to the discovery of the app Multiplayer for Minecraft we see that we can play on separate WiFis. But there's major troubleshooting. We went through this many times on the same WiFi, and thought we were ready to do it too on separate WiFis. It worked fine before, nothing wrong! Then, we try to so this again on separate WiFis and it did NOT work AT ALL. Sure wnough, looked just like when we practized it and working fine UNTILL she actually comes into my Minecraft game that I hosted, she stays there for a while, and according to her, I freeze, and then after a few seconds she disconnects! Why does she keep disconnecting on her WiFi when it was working fine on mine? I'm also pretty sure her WiFi is pretty stable, so I don't think that can be the cause of the problem... Please help! She's leaving in a few days and we really want this to work before then!
Thank you ever so much,