I'm getting a mole on my back removed. its about a cm, the lady at the clinic said they would probably have to take at least 3 cm of skin. I was just wondering how long it might take and if it will take long what should i bring with me. I was thinking maybe like a jacket and socks or something, anything to make me feel better. I will be taking a tablet because the clinic lady that looked at my mole and talked to me about the surgery said it might take about 45 or 30 minutes. Yes it is the procedure where they take away skin and stitch it up. Also how long does it take until you go home? Is it like going and waiting about 15 minutes or something, then go in and about 5 minutes to numb me and stuff. Sorry i have a ton of questions! Ive never had anyone cut me open or take skin away so im a little nervous, especially because ill be awake when they remove it. But the real question is will there a after part for the surgery? Will i have to wait and stay while they do something or will it just be i get it done, they tell me how to care for it, give me pain killers, and leave? Or is there more to it? Please let me know i'm really nervous.