I don't want to lose muscle! I haven't worked out in 3 days, this is becoming a habit. Today is my 4th day and I don't know if I should work out today or not. My legs ( what I only work ) feel tired but not sore at all, kind of a fatigue feeling. I don't know if I am overtraining. I normally do 180 donkey kicks, 180 firehydrants ( half of each with 6kg weights ) 180 kick backs, 100 jump squats, 120 supermans, 600 bridges with 6 kgs. I wish I could increase the weight so I could do less reps because doing this workout for about 4 hours is an absolute pain! I am 14 years old and a female. I am trying hard to gain muscle in my glutes but I'm losing motivation, I have always had a mental illness for being too healthy and if I don't workout I beat myself up over it and get super depressed. ( I was diagnosed with depression since birth so that doesn't make it any better ) thankyou loves!