My after school program is worrying me. They sell snacks like Cup Noodles($1.25 each)! Otter pops(25¢ for a small, $1 for a large), chocolate bars($1 each), corn dogs( I forgot the rest), and pickles. I feel like the items are being resold over priced because the Cup Noodles are sold for $1.25, but an box full(24 cups) is $7.49! Is it even legal for them to resell these items?? Is it legal for them to resell them for more profit?
Also, while the children were playing inside, they were a bit loud but the teacher in charge there started yelling at everyone and made our ears hurt and when they were still not being quiet, she screamed, 'QUIET! ENOUGH! YOU GUYS NEED TO PRAY. MY LORD! YOU PEOPLE NEED LORD!!" I just don't think that was right to say and I hate it when she yells at everyone because it hurts everyone's ears. I want to talk to my mom about this situation so that maybe she could bring it up to their attention and maybe do something about it. But I'm scared that I might get kicked out and I won't have any place to go after school.

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So, at my after school program, there was this guy who rode his bike and would talk to the kids at the program. He wasn't in the program but they couldn't ban him from the school premises. I befriended him but there was a rumor going around that him and I were dating. One day, the teachers took me to have a talk about the situation and they told me that the first graders were talking about my 'boyfriend.' I told them that this was untrue but they insisted that what the first graders were saying was true because they were so young and wouldn't lie about things like that. The teachers made me upset and I started crying since they would not believe me and they told me that the guy was not allowed to come here anymore and that they were going to call the boy's parents to notify them he wasn't allowed there.This made me really upset and I never let that go. It's been almost a year since I've seen him, and since the situation, and I want to get him unbanned if that's possible. I've been trying really hard to act more mature during the past year. How should I approach the teachers in charge about the situation? Thanks for reading this big glob of words, hope that you can help! :)