So I've known this girl for 6 years, and she's been copying me for as long as I can remember. And yes, I have told her about it, but it's like she doesn't know she's doing it so I don't suspect her of trying to "steal my life" or anything.
Some examples are,
1. I said I didn't want to have a birthday party, so she says that
2. I start liking a band, so I listen to them around her and next time I see her she's watching them
3. I shop at Old Navy, she shops there.
She is my best friend, so I do love her, but it's like I can't tell her anything or she'll copy me! And I know I'm supposed to take it as a sign of admiration, but it's SO annoying. There are some other things that we...or maybe just I, have issues with involving her, but that's not today's question.
Anyways, if you know what to do, please help!