So my birth certificate says on the side that I am dead. It says on the side "Certifier/attender: death under one year of age, enter state file number of death certificate for this child. My parents didn't sign the birth certificate, their names are just typed on and the doctors and attendants signed everything 20-25 days after I was born. My birth number isn't on my birth certificate but is on my little sister's birth certificate. I'm very confused and something doesn't seem right about this. So is anyone can give me an answer please do. I've been searching this for a year and too be honest I'm really hoping that this means they aren't my parents. I know selfish and I could get into it but it'll take too much time. Let's just say they aren't great parents. We don't even look alike. Everyone says so and people are always telling me that. So if anyone can give an answer please do and no rude answers. Thank you in advance.